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Henry Glass was commissioned in the early 1940 to design “U.S.-made household products of ‘inherently modern design’ for both mass and craft production”* and he succeeded by creating one of the most iconic furniture elements of all time, hairpin legs.

We started DIY Hairpin Legs because we believe everyone has a desire to create and the things we create have more value than the things we curate. Glass's hairpin legs help people create great, lasting furniture themselves.

After purchasing a lot of hairpin legs for our own projects, we began making them ourselves. Soon friends wanted them and they wanted tips on how to use them, then we started getting people from around the country from Seattle to Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles and more so we kept at it. Now we're proud to offer the finest quality hairpin legs and largest selection of hairpin legs to makers around the country.

We make these legs with our own hands in Jacksonville, Florida (yes, that picture above is actually of us in the shop) and use them in our own homes. From lego tables, dinning tables, desks and side table we can’t stop creating with them. 

We hope you enjoy and share your creations with the world!

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DIY Hairpin Legs


*William J. Hennessey, Russel Wright: American Designer (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press/Gallery Association of New York State, 1983), 48.