Sometimes the only home for your electronic toys is a custom one. We're sharing a few of our favorite media consoles built with our hairpin legs. We've also listed the products used to create these builds.

1. Hairpin Leg Record Cabinet
hairpin leg record cabinet
Music to our eyes! Beautifully designed (love the painted interior) with great utility. All that's missing is a comfy chair to vibe in. Built with our 3-rod hairpin legs in raw steel, 12" height, and 1/2" thickness.

2. Heavy Duty Hairpin Leg TV Stand
hairpin leg tv stand
The thick slab of wood paired with the thin bezel tv is well balanced. A simple and elegant solution, with an airy feel. This TV console was built with our 3-rod hairpin legs in clear coat, 10" in height, 3/8" thickness.

3. TV Bench on Hairpin Legs
tv stand with hairpin legs
This TV bench can easily be made in less than a day. This build was finished with our 2-rod hairpin legs in raw steel, 16" height, and 3/8" diameter.

4. Raw Edge Hairpin Leg Console with Shelf

Oh buddy, we love one-of-a-kind builds like this. We love these lines, and the crafty step of strapping in a shelf for this sound bar. This build was made with our 2-rod hairpin legs in jet black satin, 24" height, and 3/8" thickness.

5. Hairpin Leg Media Console with Storage
media console with hairpin legs
A practical and handsome storage solution. This low media console was designed for all your electronics, and your Roomba can slide underneath. This build was made with our 2-rod hairpin legs in raw steel, 8" in height, and 3/8" diameter.

6. Hairpin Leg Audiophile Console 
Record player console with hairpin legs
Lo-fi and hi-fi done right. This console was built using our 3-rod hairpin legs in metallic gold, 6" in height, and 3/8" in diameter.


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