Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions that we get most about our hairpin legs. If you need help with anything else, email us at support@diyhairpinlegs.com

What should I get for my project?




What size legs should I get for my table, bench, desk, etc.?

First, we recommend determining the total height of piece you are making. Next subtract the thickness of the top you are mounting from the total height of your piece this tells you how tall your hairpin legs should be.

Generally speaking, tables and desks are usually between 28" and 30" and normally made with 26"-28" legs. Coffee tables generally range from 12" -20" with the normal goal being to have the coffee table height match the cushions of the sofa or chair height. Side tables range from 18"-24" with the goal of making them fit the chair or sofa they will go next to. Foyer and Sofa tables range from 28"-36" in height. 
A set of four 6"- 8" legs can be used on furniture like couches and tall legs are great for stools to hold grown adults.  

How long will it take to receive my order?

As soon as your order comes in, we'll get to work and hand make it to help guarantee quality. Each order is handcrafted in the USA and we currently ship raw steel legs and shelf brackets within 2 business days. Powder coated (color) products ship approximately 5 business days after the date of the order unless otherwise noted. As soon as we ship, we'll automatically send you a tracking number.

Are your hairpin legs good quality?

We sure think so and think you will too. Hairpin legs made from rolled steel are built to last. 

You really offer a Lifetime Guarantee?

We sure do! Now, here's the thing, if you are caught taking pictures of running over your legs with a tank (like this one), and intentionally trying to destroy them, it's hard for us to honor that.  But yeah, for pretty much anything that's not intentionally destroying them, drop us a line and we'll get you sorted out. And for those of you that want the legal speak, specifics... here you go... We offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty on all of our products for welds and structural integrity throughout the product's lifetime that is valid for the original customer. We do not warrant product finishes including clear coat, powder coating or other finishes. 

Do you really only do one thing - make hairpin legs?

That's it... well, primarily that's all. We started doing projects for ourselves and decided that we wanted to share great quality hairpin legs for makers, couples, singles, workers, families, and all sorts of people that are creating their own unique items. In 2017 we started offering shelf brackets as well as floating desk brackets that you can't get anywhere else!

How do you measure the height of your hairpin legs?

Our hairpin legs are all angled from the weld point to the "pointy end of the baseplate" that attaches to furniture/wood slab, etc. We account for the angle on all of our legs, so you can rest assured that if you order a 28" hairpin leg, it is 28" tall from the top of the baseplate to the bottom of the bend in the leg.

Wait, what about rust?

With raw steel, surface rust is always a possibility. Since we use raw, rolled steel we ship our raw products with a rust-resistant coating to keep them looking good for you in transit. Once you receive the hairpin legs or shelf brackets, we recommend applying a clear sealer or wax to keep them looking good. Also, the raw steel items are not intended for outdoor uses. For those, the best bet would be powder coated or clear coated.

What are your base plate dimensions?

We use L-shaped base plates for our legs. Each has 4 holes drilled to use for attachments. Full details on the brackets are in the image below:

What about screw sizes?

We ship a set of screws with each of our legs to get you started. They are #6 x 1-1/4-in. phillips head screws. These won't work for every application, but they'll get you started.

Do you do any custom height orders?

We're open to doing custom sizes as well and have done it for a lot of customers around the world. Shoot us a note at and we'll get back to you right away to see if we can help out. We offer the largest selection of product heights from 4" - 40" hairpin legs.

What is your return policy?

We make it super simple for you and stand by our products.

Defects. If there is a defect in the legs due to workmanship,  just let us know within the limited lifetime of the legs (not valid for mis-use or normal wear and tear) and we will issue a return authorization and provide a shipping label at no charge to you.

No Hassle Returns. 
If you decide you'd like to return the legs due to any other reason, just let us know within 30 days of your order and we'll provide a flat rate $9.99 shipping label for orders of 8 items or less you where you can return the order to us. Once received in our warehouse we'll confirm the items are unused and in new condition and then refund the order total for unused/unopened items less the return shipping label and a 10% restocking fee of the original order.
Note: Orders of 8 items or more will be charged actual shipping costs for return labels.

Do you offer international shipping?

We sure do! We now ship to most countries worldwide. If you do not see an option for your country/city at checkout, please let us know at support@diyhairpinlegs.com.