Tell us a little about you - how’d you get into making?

My name is Kinsey Olson! I’ve always been a maker and a doer. The older I’ve gotten, the more adventurous I’ve become with my making. I currently am a pediatric nurse and own a watercolor design company based out of Springfield, MO.

When I met my husband, Chris, he also had that making and doing bug running through his blood and I think he has pushed me further and further into this realm.

A year and a half ago, we bought our first little, 1950’s ranch style home. It was a doozy! We’re talking popcorn ceiling, country tan paint, cat urine smelly carpet… most things that normal people would be like “okay, next!” but we fell in love. We were terrified, on a major budget and knew everything in the house would be DIY. We refinished the beautiful original hardwoods, knocked out walls, tore down the popcorn ceiling, painted every square inch and cried only a couple times that first month.

Then, we took on a full bathroom renovation to start out. This was fairly easy (Chris would probably say something completely different!) and within our scope of DIY. Then, the kitchen came along… we cried a lot more by this point.

The thing that works so well between Chris and I is that I am the dreamer and he is the doer that teaches me along the way. He takes my idea and transforms them a million times past my expectations. He is patient when it comes to teaching me! Butcher block counters, farmhouse sink that looks out the window, white cabinets, matte black hardware and a big subway tile wall with open shelves all while staying somewhat mid-century modern! Hint: This is where DIY Hairpin Legs comes into play.

Where do you do most of your work on your DIY projects?

We do most of the work on our home scattered throughout different rooms and also in Chris’s workshop in the garage!

What was the first DIY furniture project you ever made? Any lessons learned to share with people from that?

When Chris and I first started dating, for his birthday I made him a side table that was an old tree trunk I found on the side of the road. I nailed (I didn’t even have a drill at the time) caster legs on the bottom. I did all of this on my tiny fire escape balcony at my old loft in downtown Kansas City, MO. It was janky, but I was PROUD. We actually still have it and it sits proudly in our living room.

What was your first “big tool purchase”?

About three years ago we dropped the big bucks and bought just about every cool tool that Dewalt tools had at the time. Chris was in heaven.

What inspired you to create this project?

Creating a home together is a number one priority for us. We want our space to be enjoyed by many, to fill people’s hearts with peace and for everyone to feel welcome. The open shelving was a dream of mine from the beginning and it allows us to display all the beautiful pieces we’ve collected throughout the years and it just feels warm and inviting to me.

Why’d you pick hairpin legs (or shelf brackets) for this project?

The hairpin shelves fit great with the vibe of our home and they honestly look so fantastic against the subway tile. I liked the diversity in colors and that I had options all at a reasonable price!

What was the most complicated part of this build?

We thought the most complicated part would drilling the screws through the subway tile to support the brackets. We ended up being able to mason around the screw holes thanks to Chris’s brilliant idea! That way, we didn’t go through the subway tile and potentially break the tiles and our hard work.

What was your favorite part of this project?

Creating this kitchen has been a dream. It has brought us closer, already been a space our friends enjoy and will hopefully be a space our family feels safe, protected and at peace in.

IF you could only share one Instagram channel for DIY inspiration who would that be and why?

Julia Marcum! @Chrislovesjulia! Their DIY home renovation has been a source of endless inspiration for me! They are personable, vulnerable and real!

Anything else you’d like to share with our followers on the blog?

Don’t let the outward appearance stop you from creating something of your own. If we would have listened to everyone that told us this home was a bad idea, our kitchen dreams couldn’t happen on a DIY budget or that we were going to make the first year and a half of our marriage a nightmare (btw- this has been our favorite part of marriage!) by also renovating a home- we wouldn’t be here today! Also, having someone that you love doing things with, especially DIY projects, makes everything so much fun.