Calling all Makers! We've been thinking hard about ways that we can give back to people that are referring others to DIY Hairpin Legs and we have something great to share with you today. We've decided to spend more on YOU instead of ads. 

We're making it even easier (and more lucrative) to share the Hairpin Legs (and shelves) that you love with your friends, interns, coworkers, family and even foes with your own referral code. The best part, you'll reap the rewards by earning real cash, paid directly to you, for every person that places an order with us*.

Share your referral code Your friend places an order over $50 $10 For you &
10% Off for Your Friend


  1. Click on this link: Get my Referral Code
  2. Enter your email address and name
  3. Get your own unique referral code.
  4. Share your code far and wide, on Twitter, Facebook, via email, Snapchat it, get a giant billboard with it or use a megaphone. Choice is yours. 
  5. Most importantly, enjoy your money that starts to roll in! For every person that places an order over $50 with us at and uses your referral code, you’ll get $10 and your friend will get 10% off! We’ll notify you by email when the money is ready to be transferred to your PayPal account.


We hope this helps our Makers and friends earn some extra cash throughout 2017! If there's anything we can do, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Your Friends at DIY Hairpin Legs



UPDATED: January 2nd! For the month of January, $10 per referral and 10% off for your friend from $5 and $5 off.