"How much weight can your hairpin legs hold?" or "Which hairpin legs are right for...?"

These are the two most common question we get each day by far, so we thought we'd share a little more information about them with you.

The simplest, non scientific, real world answer is this:

  • If one person can pick up and move your table or desk easily then 3/8” 2 rod legs will be great.
  • If your table table or furniture is a “two person lift” then go with 1/2” diameter legs.
  • If your table or furniture is a “two strong people lift” then go with 1/2” 3 rod legs.

We haven’t had any issue with welds breaking or legs bending under normal loads. 

Let's Talk Wobble for a Minute...

We aren’t structural engineers but we know this: the taller the legs get, the more opportunity for “wobble” in the table top.

There are three options to decrease wobble:
  • Use a 3 rod hairpin leg
  • Use 1/2” diameter rod 
  • Or both :-)

For example if you are building a foyer table with a slab on top. 30” - 36” 3/8” legs are common for this. A foyer table doesn’t see much action so 3/8” 2 rods will usually be great.

But if your were looking to build a kitchen island for bar stools to pull up to for eating or a stand up desk then adding a third rod and or going with 1/2” makes sense because it will get bumped, leaned on and used regularly.

Coffee tables, side tables, standard desks are usually fitted with 2 rod - 3/8” legs.

Hope that helps you select the right legs for your project. As always we are here to help, contact us for more info!

Happy Making!