With a new IKEA store here in our hometown, we’ve been thinking of some attractive pieces we can put together using DIY hairpin legs and found materials. For inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite IKEA hacks.

Wood + Steel Hairpin Leg Table

Wood and metal furniture is trending this year, adding a rustic warmth and rugged texture to all sorts of spaces. You can create your own reclaimed industrial look by using old wood and hairpin legs, or start fresh with new materials.

IKEA hack (before) JOKKMOKK table without hairpin legs
The JOKKMOKK dining set, straight out of the IKEA box (via IKEA)

If you have an existing table, say an IKEA JOKKMOKK dining set, you can follow this tutorial by Gina Morrison at Acute Designs to salvage the top and refinish your way to a more modern vibe. Add chairs (or not, if a coffee table) to complete the look.

IKEA hack (after) JOKKMOKK table with hairpin legs by Acute Designs

A modern update to the IKEA JOKKMOKK table by Gina Morrison (via Acute Designs)

Even easier, start with a new IKEA table top such as the Gerton (beech) or Hilver (bamboo), and add a hairpin leg to each corner. Our sets of four steel hairpin legs are currently on sale, with sizes ranging from coffee table ready (6") to desk or dining table height (28").

Bamboo Box Planter

’Tis the season for succulents. From Trader Joe’s to hardware stores to oh-so-easy-to-add-to-cart delivery services such as The Sill, these hardy little beauties are popping up everywhere.

IKEA hack: succulent planter box by Crystal Owens

IKEA bamboo box planter by Crystal Owens (via A Pumpkin and A Princess)

If you’ve been meaning to add some green to your home without cutting down your money tree, you can follow Crystal Owens’s lead, and plant several succulents together in an IKEA bamboo box. The IKEA Variera makes a nice standalone planter when combined with our four 6" hairpin legs.

Hairpin Legs Cabinet

Inspired by this beautiful Modern Arks wood record cabinet, we’ve got our sights set on IKEA’s EKET cabinet. Adding legs gets this piece off the floor, and provides easier access to items on the bottom shelf. With a taller square shape, the EKET feels less retro and more appropriate for different office and bathroom settings.

Large reclaimed wood record cabinet by Modern Arks

Reclaimed wood record cabinet by Modern Arks (via Scoutmob)

IKEA’s EKET cabinet has lots of potential (via IKEA)


Have you found success hacking together hairpin legs and existing elements? Send details our way! We’d love to hear what you’re making.