It’s holiday go time, and the race is on to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. To speed things along and help you jingle all the way, we’ve assembled a collection of easy one-of-a-kind presents that can be knocked out quickly without breaking the bank. Homemade and heartfelt, these special somethings will light up the holidays for your friends, family, and co-workers.

For the Homeowner: Hairpin Mantle

DIY Hairpin Shelf by Sam Hatchett

Craft a beautiful rustic shelf to hang stockings with care (via Sam Hatchett)

A simple hairpin shelf is an evergreen showpiece. For the holidays, screw in small hooks underneath to hang festive stockings, or string garland across the front. All you need is a pair of DIY Hairpin Shelf Brackets and a piece of wood.

For the Pet Lover: Elevated Food Stand or Pet Bed

DIY Pet Feeding Stand by Colorfully, BEHR

Create the dining room of a dog lover’s dreams with this easy tutorial by Colorfully, Behr (via BEHR)

Our two-rod hairpin legs come in all sorts of sizes, from short 4" legs to more mastiff-sized brutes. Give the pet lover in your life a raised feeding station or elevated pet bed, and help feed their healthy obsession with their pampered pet.

For bowls, Laura Payne over at The Nest recommends measuring between the pooch’s front paws, from the floor to the top of the dog’s shoulders, then subtracting six inches. Hopefully you have a good relationship with Fido to sneak in some measurements. The top of the bowls should stand flush with the dog’s lower chest. For beds, you’ll want to keep them low to the ground, but high enough to slide a vacuum underneath.

For the Little Ones: Hairpin Leg Game & Snack Table

Hairpin Leg Table by Werrell Woodworks

Spruce up a simple square table with a coat of paint (via werrellwoodworks)

This 3-in-1 Gaming Table by Mark and Graham is a sweet solution for chess, checkers, and backgammon. For a mid-century spin, we’re thinking of a game/snack table with hairpin legs! For the top, you can paint on a 64-square chess/checkerboard grid, or follow this tutorial by General Tools to create strips of wood in contrasting colors. Once the top is set, simply add a set of four hairpin legs. Tuck a pair of hairpin leg stools underneath for kids to sit, play, and snack. 

For the Romantic: Hairpin Breakfast Tray

DIY Hairpin Leg Breakfast Tray by Smile and Wave

Bring the holidays home with breakfast in bed (via smileandwave)

Twinkling lights, flickering fireplaces, and the promise of the new year make the holidays a magical, romantic time. Treat your special someone to breakfast in bed, served atop a chic breakfast tray. Rachel Denbow shows us how it’s done with her acacia wood tray paired with our gold powder-coated hairpin legs.

Key Delivery Dates

Ready to get started? Order by these key dates to make sure your hairpin legs arrive in plenty of time for the holidays:

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