There's a lot here, so bear with us.... and thanks for reading.

When we started DIY Hairpin Legs years ago, we did it from the back of a scrap-yard in Jacksonville, FL. To secure that space, Matt spent a day driving around in an industrial district asking people if they had any space available and offering peanuts in return for whatever we found. That's what we had when we started and the scrappiness, poor pun intended, that we carried from day one still lives in us today.

We have families, friends and customers, just like you, that we care deeply for. During the past few weeks amidst the turmoil and uncertainty, we've been talking about how a company like DIY Hairpin Legs might be able to help in this tumultuous time that we're all living in. We were reminded by the origins of the Hairpin Leg, by Henry Glass... born out of war-time spirit, ingenuity and necessity. The leg is a classic of midcentury modern design and something that requires relatively little material while retaining great strength. 

Over the weekend we realized that we can do what we do well - provide opportunities for people to create something special of their own.

And, if we just stick to that, maybe it will give a little relief while being at home, making something together as a family...

Just maybe, it will give the ability for our children that are now doing schoolwork at home to have a desk that they need...

Maybe it will provide a bonding experience for us in this time where we're tuned in to the news, our phones, and having social interactions through only digital means...

So, we got to work and reached out to our raw material vendors, our maker partners that do builds on social media each day, and our team.

Our team wants to keep producing.

Our partners want to help provide product and inspire you to make something.

Our families want us to let you know that we're doing what we can to provide something that will matter to you and yours.

After all, our core premise when we started this company was that it simply means more when you make it. We still believe that.

Makers Responding.

Above is a step-by-step build video for 3 Easy-To-Build DIY Desks using our DIY Hairpin Legs, by our great friend and beyond talented maker, Ben Uyeda of HomeMade Modern. Images from his Instagram below.

The wonderfully talented Rachel Denbow built a transformable desk with hairpin legs a couple years back that's still one of our favorites. Check it out at A Beautiful Mess.

You can also see some of our old tips and tricks for a Modern School Desk build from Instructables, here.

If you are a maker with an audience on Instagram, YouTube, Blog, etc. and want to make an educational/inspirational/tutorial that helps families that are at home, please fill out this form and we'll get back to you within 48 hours. 

Our Offer of Support. Product at Cost + Overhead. 

Starting today, and lasting through the day that the last school is reopened or the end of the school year in our country, we are offering our Set of 4 Raw Steel Hairpin Legs at our cost plus overhead to continue producing safely during this time. You can get this discount for 12 - 28" heights in 2" increments and the 40" 3 rod legs for a standing desk. These are the core size you'll need to build a desk for you or your children. Please use the code: ThanksHenry at checkout with your order.

Please note that this code is limited to the above listed hairpin legs, and only in the raw steel finish. We are doing this so that we can focus our resources on the items that will have the most impact for our customers. Additionally, we expect to ship these items out within 2 business days for most orders.

Our team will continue to practice the utmost in safety precautions from the CDC and our local, city, state and federal governments. We will continue to produce as long as we are able (IE, not mandated to stop production by a shelter in place order like what we've seen in California). 

We wish you safety. We wish you health. We hope that this interruption provides some support and a fun memory in the midst of this trying time.

If there's anything we can do, just let us know. You can email us directly at

God Bless,

Elton & Matt
DIY Hairpin Legs